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1993-1999 gyűjtögetett maxi lemezek; nincs több, mint 1db mindegyikből ,tehát ne sokat gondolkodj,mert elviszik az orrod elöl !

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  1. 666 - The demon
  2. "J" Bond - Check it out
  3. 2 Brothers on the 4th floor - Fairytales
  4. 2 Colors    Love and emotion
  5. 2 For Good - I'll Be Waiting For You
  6. 2 Unlimited    Here I go
  7. 2 Unlimited    Do what's good for me
  8. 2 X Two    The dance remixed collection
  9. 2 Young    Seasons in the sun
  10. 20 Fingers feat. Katrina    Sex machine
  11. 2-4 Family    Stay
  12. 24th street    Get down on it
  13. 2ForGood    You and Me
  14. 2Funky    That's the way i like it
  15. 3-0-Matic    All I want is you
  16. 4ever 2gether    Summer summer sun of 96
  17. 7T feat.KoolandThe Gang,J.T.andTakia    Ladies Night
  18. 7T feat.Mike D.and Damize    Good girls
  19. 7T feat.Mike D.and Damize    You're the one
  20. Ace of Base    Beautiful life
  21. Ace of Base    Living in danger
  22. Ace of Base    Never gonna say I'm sorry
  23. Ace of Base    Life is a flower
  24. Ace of Base    Cruel summer
  25. Afrika Islam feat. Melle Mel    Rave
  26. Alana Dante    Think twice
  27. Alex Party    Simple things
  28. Alison Limerick    Love come down
  29. Amber    Colour of love
  30. Andru Donalds    Mishale
  31. Apollo five    Fly
  32. Aqua    My oh my
  33. Aqua    Turn back time
  34. Audio Cult    Higher
  35. B.B.E.    Seven days and one week
  36. B.B.E.    Flash
  37. B.B.S.and Dj Andy B.    Pow-chi
  38. B.B.S.and Dj Andy B.    Damma-Dam
  39. Backstreet Boys    Larger than life
  40. Backstreet Boys    Everybody
  41. Backstreet Boys    Get down
  42. Backstreet Boys    We'we got it goin' on
  43. Bad Boys Blue    Anywhere
  44. Loona - Bailando
  45. Barbara O    Mercedes Benz
  46. Base-X    Enola Gay
  47. Basic Element    Shame
  48. Bass Bumbers    The music's got me
  49. Bass Bumpers    Keep on Pushing
  50. Beat Base    Say I'm your NO.1
  51. Beat System    Fresh 98 remix
  52. Beatbox feat. Rael    Come Into My Club
  53. Bed and Breakfast,Mola Adebisi,Sqeezer    Get it right
  54. Bellini    Me gusta la vida
  55. BG the prince of rap    Jump to this
  56. Big Fat 10    Jump back
  57. Big Mountain    Baby, I love your way
  58. Bizz Nizz feat. George Arrendell    Dabadabiaboo
  59. BlackAttack    Heartless
  60. Blair McCoy    Mama Loo
  61. Blue 4 U    Happy World
  62. Blue System    Anything
  63. B-Nice    Everybody wants to be your man
  64. Bodytalk     Lucifer
  65. Bommbastic    Falling in love with you
  66. Bon Jovi    Always
  67. Boney M.    Ma Baker
  68. Boytronic    Blue Velvet
  69. Brooklyn Bounce    The real bass
  70. Brooklyn Bounce    Get ready to bounce
  71. Brooklyn Bounce    The music's got me
  72. Brooklyn Bounce    Take a ride
  73. Capella    U and Me
  74. Capella    Move on baby
  75. Capella    Be my Baby
  76. Capella    I need your love
  77. Captain Hollywood Project    Find another way
  78. Captain Hollywood Project    Flying High
  79. Captain Jack    Soldier soldier
  80. Captain Jack    Drill instructor
  81. Carol Bailey    I can't make you love me
  82. Carrilio    Samba de Janeiro
  83. Casalla    Everybody
  84. C-Block    Broken wings
  85. C-Block    So strung out
  86. C-Block    Time is Tickin' Away
  87. C-Block    Shake dat azz
  88. Cece Peniston    Somebody else's guy
  89. Celentano    Cosi' come sei
  90. Celvin Rotane    Bien Venue
  91. Centory    Take it to the limit
  92. Centory    Point of no return
  93. Centory feat. Trey.D.    Girl you know it's true
  94. Central Seven    Error
  95. Charles and Eddie    Jealousy
  96. Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo    Next 2 me
  97. Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo    Stars
  98. Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo    Party
  99. Cher    Believe
  100. Cher    Strong enough
  101. Chicco    Oh girl
  102. Chilli    Say I'm your No.1
  103. Chilli feat.Carrapicho    Tic, Tic Tac
  104. Choc-a-Boxx    Mirror mirror
  105. Clock    Everybody
  106. Clock    In the house
  107. Clock    Whoomph!
  108. Clock    Holding on 4U
  109. Clueless    I don't want to miss a thing
  110. Clueless    Spiderwebs
  111. CO.RO.    4 your love
  112. Coma feat.LTG    Requiem
  113. Coolio    Too Hot
  114. Copa T.    Hyper samba
  115. Corona    The power of love
  116. Corona    I don't wanna be a star
  117. Corona    Baby Baby
  118. Cosmo and Tom    Love is a shield
  119. Culture Beat    Take me away
  120. Culture Beat    Pay no mind
  121. Culture Beat    Inside out
  122. Culture Beat    Crying in the rain *2db*
  123. Cut'n'Move    Real Emotion
  124. D.J.Dado    The same
  125.    Love and exstacy
  126. Da Brat    Sittin'on top of the world
  127. Da Flava    Do That to me one more time
  128. Dadada feat. Johnny Man    Robbadob
  129. Danceteria    Baby one more time
  130. David    Flört
  131. Diana King    I Say A Little Prayer
  132. Disco Connection    Rock your baby /Born to be alive
  133. Discorama    I can see clearly now
  134. Dj Dado    Metropolis
  135. Dj Kalpa and Marino Stephano    Dream's harmony
  136. DJ Quicksilver    Planet love
  137. DJ Quicksilver    I have a dream
  138. DJ Schwede    Boom…Boom
  139. DJ Supreme    The horns of jericho
  140. Dj The Crow    Silencer I
  141. Dj The Crow    Piece of mine
  142. Dj. Maverick    Hot and Wet
  143. DJ.B.B.S. and DJ.Andy B.    Move
  144. Dj.Bell    Popcorn
  145. Dj.Bobo    Pray
  146. Dj.Bobo    Just keep on dancing
  147. Dj.Bobo    Love is all around
  148. Dj.Bobo    Freedom
  149. Dj.Bobo    Take control
  150. Dj.Bobo    It's my life
  151. Dj.Bobo    Where is your love
  152. Dj.Bobo and VSOP    Shadows of the night
  153. Dj.Dado    Revenge
  154. Dj.Dado    X-files
  155. DJ.Taylor and F.L.O.w.    Work
  156. Djs Unlimited    Born to be a Dee Jay
  157. DLP    Just be good to me (pump dlp)
  158. Double Feature    Get closer
  159. Double Vision    Alone again or…
  160. Double You    Somebody
  161. Down Low    Moonlight
  162. Down Low    Johnny B.
  163. Dr.Alban    The 97" Remixes
  164. Dr.Alban    Look whos talking!
  165. Dr.Alban    This time I'm free
  166. Dr.Alban    Born in Africa
  167. Dr.D.O.C.    Dadadaumpa
  168. Dublex House    Why don't you love me
  169. Dune    Hand in hand
  170. Dune feat. Vanessa    Keep the secret
  171. Dupla Kávé    Se veled, Se nélküled
  172. East 17    Hold my body tight
  173. East Beat Syndicate    1000 nights and one
  174. Echo Bass    Gotta dance with the music
  175. Enrique Iglesias    Bailamos
  176. E-rotic    Fred come to bed
  177. E-rotic    Max don't have sex with your ex
  178. E-rotic    Kiss Me
  179. E-rotic    Willy use a Billy…boy
  180. E-rotic    The winner takes it all
  181. E-rotic    Help me Dr. Dick
  182. Escapade    I don't know
  183. Éver A.DI'    Jeopardy
  184. Ex-It    Body talk
  185. Ex-It - I want it all
  186. Exotica    Can you imagine?
  187. Ex-Tacy    Nightfever
  188. F.L.E.X.    All together now
  189. Fair-Lite    Moments in love
  190. Fancy    Megamix'98
  191. Felix    Don't you want me
  192. Flip da Scrip    You can run
  193. Free    I just can't get enough!
  194. Fresh 'N' Funky    Fresh 'N' Funky
  195. Fresh 'N' Funky - Shades of Blue
  196. Fugees    Killing me softly
  197. Fugees    No women, no cry
  198. Fugees    Fu-gee-la
  199. Fugititves    Killing me softly?
  200. Full Speed    Happy
  201. Fun Factory    I wanna b with u
  202. Fun Factory    Oh yeah yeah (I like it)
  203. Future Beat    Dancin' Factory
  204. Future Breeze    How much can you take?
  205. Future Breeze    Keep the fire burnin
  206. Future Grip    Take me to the top
  207. Gala    Let a boy cry
  208. Garcia    Te quiero latina
  209. Garfield    Party of love
  210. Garden Eden - Das Modell
  211. Gaya    It's love
  212. General base    I see you
  213. General base    Thank U (for your love)
  214. General public    Rainy days
  215. Generator    Das model
  216. George Michael    You have been loved
  217. George Michael    The spinning the wheel
  218. George Michael    Jesus to a child
  219. Georgee    Groove Me
  220. Ghetto people feat. L-Víz    In the getto
  221. Gino Y Thoka    Te quiero ya!
  222. Gorgeous    I'm Gorgeous
  223. Grandmaster Flash    If u wanna party
  224. Haddaway    Who do you love
  225. Haddaway    Fly away
  226. Haddaway    You're taking my heart
  227. Hammer/Deion Sanders    Straight to my feet
  228. Hand in Hand for Children e.V.    Children need a helping hand
  229. Happy Project    U should be dancing
  230. Health hunter the pleasure company    Master and servant
  231. Heath Hunter and The pleasure company    Revolution in paradise
  232. Hi-Town Djs    Ding-A-Ling
  233. House Lizards    Check out da Bassline
  234. Hypnotic Beat    I Believe in Fantasy
  235. Ice Mc    Give me the light
  236. Inner Circle    Da Bomb
  237. Interactive    Koma
  238. Interactive    Wake up
  239. Intermission feat.Dj M.A.R.S.S.    Blow your mind
  240. Jack in the boksz    I will be your love forever
  241. Jade    If I can' have you
  242. Jam Tronik    An Angel
  243. Jam-X    Chubby Chupp
  244. Jason Nevins vs. The Krew    We want some pussy!
  245. Jeany    Come bag
  246. Jeronymo    Balla Balla
  247. Jestofunk feat.Jocelyn Brown    Special love
  248. Jim Tonic    You
  249. Jonni Bass    Take me Baby
  250. Junkfood Junkies    Funky horn
  251. Just 4 you    Sweet Bonita
  252. K.O.'s feat. Michael Buffer    Go for it all
  253. K.O.'s feat. Michael Buffer    Let's get ready to rumble
  254. K2    Die Nachtigall Singt
  255. K2    Everybody
  256. K2    Grosser Bar
  257. Kadoc    Rock the Bells remixes
  258. Kay Bee vs.Eltronic MaxX    Bang Da Boksz
  259. Kenny Gold Jr.    You to me are everything
  260. Kiriman    Raising my family
  261. Kits on the drums    I do really wanna live for music
  262. Komakino    I can't stop the motion
  263. Kool and The Gang feat.J.T.Taylor    In the Hood
  264. Kool and The Gang feat.J.T.Taylor    Salute to the ladies
  265. Kool Cut    Gangsta's paradise
  266. Kopper    Pump!
  267. K-Zone    Last night a DJ saved my life
  268. L.J.Dakota    Check it out!
  269. La Bouche    Sweet dreams
  270. La Bouche    A moment of love
  271. Leila K.    Electric
  272. Let's groove    Phat 'n' Phunky
  273. Lightforce    Eternity
  274. Lipstick    I'm a raver
  275. Loona    Mamboleo
  276. Los Del Rio    Macarena
  277. LoveMessage    LoveMessage
  278. Lutricia Mcneal    Ain't that just the way
  279. Lutricia Mcneal    Stranded
  280. M.A.S.Project    Bass 4 Luv
  281. M.C.Sar and The Real McCoy    Run away
  282. M.C.Sar and The Real McCoy    Automatic lover
  283. Madonna    Don't cry for Me Argentina
  284. Maggey E.C.    Show me that you love me
  285. Maggie Reilly    Listen to your hearts
  286. Magic Affair    World of freedom
  287. Magic Affair    Fire
  288. Magic Affair    Energy of light
  289. Magic Affair    The rhythm makes you wanna dance
  290. Mandingo    A rhythm divine
  291. Marcel Romanoff    The Birds and the Bees
  292. Marcel Romanoff    Stay the night
  293. Marcel Romanoff    Don't make me cry
  294. Mariah Carey    Fantasy
  295. Marisa Turner    Who' gonna kiss that man?
  296. Mark Morrison    Return of the Mack
  297. Mark Morrison    Crazy
  298. Mark Morrison    Horny
  299. Mark 'Oh    Fade to Grey
  300. Mark'Oh    The right way
  301. Mark'Oh    Tell Me
  302. Marshall    Sir duke
  303. Massive Joy feat. Yaffayo    Gotta have U
  304. Masterboy    La ola hand in hand
  305. Masterboy    Mister feeling
  306. Masterboy    Show me colours
  307. Masterboy    Anybody (movin' on)
  308. Masterboy    Just for you
  309. Masterboy    Land of dreaming
  310. Max Deejay    Rhythm is a dancer
  311. Max Deejay    2 (the vibes)
  312. Max.TC    Right-so!
  313. MAXX    Move your body
  314. M-Blow    Boom the bass
  315. Me and My    Dub-I-Dub
  316. Me and My    Baby boy
  317. Meanstreeet Boys    Last Train to London
  318. Meega    Groove Thing
  319. Mega 'Lo Mania    Circusclown
  320. Mellowbag    Illusion
  321. Melodie Mc.    Give it up!
  322. Michael Jackson    History
  323. Michael Jackson    Sream
  324. Michelle Gayle    Happy just to be with you
  325. Microbots    I didn't know what to expect
  326. Mighty V.    I can see
  327. Millenium    Love devotion
  328. Minnesota    Without You
  329. Mo'Club    Saddle up
  330. Mo-Do    Super Gut
  331. Mola Adebisi    Shake That Body
  332. Moonchild    Time after Time
  333. Mr.Dynamite    Wake up!
  334. Mr.Joy    Everybody say hou…hou!hou!
  335. Mr.Mix    Dream Mix
  336. Mr.President    I give you my heart
  337. Mr.President    Show me the way
  338. Mr.President    Jojo action
  339. Mr.President    Gonna get along
  340. Mr.President    Take me to the limit
  341. Mr.Tsaolin    Together
  342. Music Instructor    Hands in the air
  343. Music Instructor    Dance
  344. Music Instructor feat. Flying steps    Super sonic
  345. Music Instructor feat.Triple-m crew    Rock your body
  346. N Sync    Tearin' Up My Heart
  347. N.Y.C.C.    Can you feel it
  348. N.Y.C.C.    Fight for your right
  349. N.Y.City Beats feat.Trooper and Scream F.    Mami blue
  350. Navigators    Superstar
  351. Never Gonna    Give you up
  352. Nicki French    Te Amo
  353. Nightlife posse    Shake your booty
  354. Nikolai    Ready to flow'97
  355. No Doubt    Don't speak
  356. No Mercy    Please don't go
  357. No Mercy    Where do you go
  358. Nomensland    Seven seconds
  359. Now     You spin me round
  360. N-Trance    Broken dreams
  361. N-Trance     Stayin' Alive *2db*
  362. N-Trance feat.Rod Stewart    Da ya think I'm sexy? *2db*
  363. Object One    Emergency
  364. Object One    Typewriter
  365. Painted Heart    Tainted love
  366. Pandera    We've got the power
  367. Paradisio    Dime como
  368. Paralyzer    The movin' generation
  369. Party Animals    Hava Naquila
  370. Party Animals    Aquarius
  371. Paul Lowe    We love to love
  372. P-Casso    Magic dream
  373. People Alive    Alive
  374. Peter Andre    Flava
  375. Peter Andre    Natural
  376. Peter Andre    All night all right
  377. Pharao    Temple of love
  378. Pharao    World of magic
  379. Pharao    I show you secrets
  380. Phats and Small    Feel Good
  381. Poetry'n'Motion    Romeo and Juliet
  382. Prince Ital Joe feat.Marky Mark    Life in the Streets
  383. Prince Ital Joe feat.Marky Mark    Babylon
  384. Prince Ital Joe feat.Marky Mark    Rastaman Vibration
  385. Prinz Amaho    Rhythm in my life
  386. Prophet G    Killer
  387. Pulsar    House Nation/I can't believe
  388. Queen    You don' fool me
  389. QUEEN dance traxx featuring Captain Jack    Another one bites the dust
  390. Rapublic    Serenade
  391. Real Mcoy    One More Time
  392. Real Mcoy    Come and Get Your Love
  393. Real Mcoy    Love and devotion
  394. Ree-lax feat. Keno    Last Christmas
  395. Ricky Martin    Donde Estaras
  396. Ricky Martin    La copa de la Vida
  397. RMB    Spring
  398. Robert Miles     Fable
  399. Robin S.    It must be love
  400. Rock Steady Beat    Carry On
  401. Rose Royce feat. Gwen Dickey    Car Wash
  402. Rythmica    Swing da thing
  403. S.E.X.Appeal    Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi
  404. S.E.X.Appeal feat.Lyane Leigh and Gino G.    Life goes up - Life goes down
  405. Salt and Pepa    Champagne
  406. Sash!    Colour the world
  407. Sash!    Encore une fois
  408. Sash! Feat.Tina Cousins    Mysterious Times
  409. Scat Girl    Scat girl
  410. Scatman John    Everybody jam!
  411. Scatman John    Let it go
  412. Scatman John    Scatman's world
  413. Scatman's world    Scatman John
  414. Scoop    Ladies Night
  415. Scooter    Move your ass!
  416. Scooter    We are the greatest
  417. Scooter    I'm raving
  418. Scooter    Rebel Yell
  419. Scooter    Faster Harder Scooter
  420. Scooter    The age of love
  421. Scooter    Back in the U.K.
  422. Sequential One    Angels
  423. Sequential One    Inspiration vibes
  424. Sequential One    Imagination
  425. Sexman    I'm not a taxman
  426. Shades of Blue    Fresh 'N' Funky
  427. Shark    Karma Chameleon
  428. Shine    Could you be loved
  429. Shirley K.    Anything
  430. Sinitta    Aquarius
  431. S-J    Fever
  432. Skee-Lo    Holdin'On
  433. Skuba    What's up Daddy?
  434. Slam     U got 2 know
  435. Slam    Big Fun
  436. Slam    If I had a hammer
  437. Slam    Crazy
  438. Slammer     Do you wanna funk
  439. Smile    Butterfly
  440. SM-Trax feat.Sweet Pussy Pauline    Climb on top
  441. Snap Feat.Einstein    The Power
  442. Solid Harmone    I"ll be there for you
  443. Sonic Boom    Open your mind
  444. Sonic Boom    I want some holiday
  445. Souladelic    My system
  446. Soultans    Every little move
  447. Space penguins    The elektrofunk
  448. Space unlimited presents    Ensistima
  449. Spacegirl feat. She    I wanna be a spacegirl
  450. Spanish Fly    We will rave you
  451. Spice    Wannabe
  452. Spice Girls    Say you'll be there
  453. Spike    Respect
  454. Spike    It Takes two
  455. Sqeezer    Blue Jeans
  456. Sqeezer    Tamagotchi(Tschoopapa…)
  457. Sqeezer    Saturday night
  458. Sqeezer    Sweet kisses
  459. Stay-C    Wham Bam
  460. Stella Getz    All in all
  461. Sunbeam    Love is paradise
  462. Sweetbox    Shakalaka
  463. Sweetbox feat.Jon    Wot
  464. Swing feat.Dr.Alban    Sweet dreams
  465. Swing-Boy    Swing
  466. T Spoon    A part of my life
  467. Tania Evans    Prisoner of Love
  468. Technotronic    Hey yoh, here we go
  469. Terranova    Janina
  470. The Braids    Bohemian Rhapsody
  471. The course    Ready or not
  472. The Free    Loveletter from space remixes
  473. The Free    Loveletter from space
  474. The Free    Dance the night away
  475. The Free    Shout!
  476. The Funky Brothers    What you say, what I say
  477. The Kelly Family    An Angel
  478. The Mike Flowers Pops    Don't cry for Me Argentina
  479. The Outhere Brothers    Pass the toilet paper
  480. The pioneers    Ultimate Mix
  481. The Tranzmitters    The Big Pound
  482. The Unity mixers    The unity mix 4
  483. The Unity mixers    The Unity mix 5
  484. The Unity mixers    The unity mix 6
  485. Theme From    Mission Impossible
  486. Thoy Shop    Freak me
  487. Tim Tim    Weep no child
  488. Tina Cousins    Killin' Time
  489. T'NT    All I wanna do
  490. Toni Cottura    Da partyboom
  491. Toni Cottura    My life
  492. Toss and Turn    Flexx-ible
  493. Toss and Turn    Bang Bang Bang
  494. Toy Shop    Bang Bang Bang
  495. Toy Soldier    In the army now
  496. Toy-Boksz    Tarzan and Jane
  497. Toy-Boksz    Best friend
  498. Trey D    Mirror mirror
  499. Trey D    Higher and higher
  500. Triple S    Whoomp! (There it is)
  501. Turbo 3     On top of the mountain
  502. Twendy Fo    Jump like a pump - action
  503. Twenty 4 Seven    Leave them alone
  504. Twenty to Two    Boombastic
  505. Two in one    Taste of love
  506. Two in one    Makeema
  507. Two in one    Like a dream
  508. Two powers    Tinseltown is the rain
  509. U me 2    Time after Time
  510. U96    Inside your dreams
  511. U96    Heaven
  512. U96    Love religion
  513. U96    Venus in chains
  514. Ultra Nate    Found a cure
  515. Unique II    I still go on
  516. Unit    Who do you love
  517. U-nit    You
  518. United Dreams    You're the one
  519. Utopia    Virtual Attack
  520. Vengaboys    Boom,Boom,Boom,Boom!!
  521. Vertigo    Magic eyes
  522. Vertigo    Oxygene
  523. Warren G    I shot the sheriff
  524. Warren G feat.Adina Howard    What's love got to do with it
  525. Wave Kid    Baby I Need your lovin
  526. Westbam    Born to bang
  527. Whigfield    Another day
  528. Whigfield    Close to you / Last Christmas
  529. Whigfield    No tears to cry
  530. Whigfield    Big Time
  531. Will Smith    Men in Black
  532. World in motion    Because I love you
  533. Worlds Apart    I was born to love you
  534. Xenia    Heartbeat
  535. X-Perience    Game of love
  536. Y.O.M.C.    Fuck up your Earz
  537. Yello    Jingle bells
  538. Yellowmellow    Summertime
  539. Zooloo    Can you hear the jungle
  540. Zoom    Exodus

2 Secure - I Gave Up My Life
2-4 Family - Lean On Me (With The Family)
2Together - Summertime Is Here…
A.U.R.A. - Feel My Love
Alis - Let It Out
Aqua - Lollipop (Candyman)
Bad Boys Blue - From Heaven To Heartache
Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman '98
Basscult - Reality
Blue Nature pres. Natalie - Return To Paradise
Boney M.2000 feat. Mobi T. - Daddy Cool '99
Brooklyn Bounce - Contact
Captain Hollywood Project - Impossible
Captain Hollywood Project - More And More   
Captain Hollywood Project - Only With You   
Captain Jack - Dream a dream
Carrie Ann - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Carrilio - Carneval En Rio / Fiesta De Brazil
Caught In The Act - Baby Come Back
C-Block - Keep Movin'
Celvin Rotane - Back Again / Theme From Magnum
Central Seven - The God Of House
Charles L' Admiral & Hooligan - Get Down On It
Close II You - Nice & Nasty
Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night (Remix)
Critical Mass - Happy Generation
Császár Előd - Nem kell másik
D.J.Prof-X-Or feat. Real D.J. - You Make Me Feel / Nighty Real
D.O.N.S. - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground
Da Flava - Do That To Me One More Time
Da Hool - Bora Bora
DiscomaniaXX - This is how…
Discorama - Born To Be Alive
Discorama - Pop Muzik
Discosluts - Let's All Chant
Dj B.B.S. & Dj Andy B. - Get Down '99
Dj Hookman & Many More feat. Base Of Drum - Calinca
Dj Phantasma - Welcome To The Club
Dj Quicksilver - Free
Dj Schwede - Heart Attack
Dj Supreme - Tha Wildstyle
Dj Thoka - Party People / The One
Dj. Panda - feat. Nadir - True Life
Doctor Delite - Let The Music Play
Dolphin's Mind - The Flow (Deep)
F.A.M. - I Just Died In Your Arms
Fancy - Slice Me Nice '98
Funky Diamonds - It's my game
Gardeweg - This Groove
George Michael - As/Different Corner
Groovy 69 - Lovestar
Guess Who - Chico Mio
Karthago - Requiem Remix!
Kosmonova feat. Tania Evans - Singin' in my mind
Loft – Love Is Magic
Mark Morrison - Who's The Mack!
Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night
Meanstreet Boys - Last Train To London
Modern Talking - Brother Louie '98
Mousse T. vs. Hot 'N' Juicy - Horny '98
Mr.President - Simbaleo
Mythos 'N Dj Cosmo - Unchained Melody (Love Theme From "Ghost")
Novy vs. Eniac - Superstar
P-Casso - Back In The Jungle
Porn Kings vs. Dj.Supreme - Up Tho The Wildstyle
Prince Igor feat. Warren G & Sissel - The Rapsody
Q-Base - Everlasting
Red 5 - For This World / Jumps
Red 5 - Lift Me Up
Run D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins - (It's) Tricky
Sequential One - Dreams
Sequential One - I Wanna Make U… / Get Down (Dupla Maxi)
SF Spanish Fly - I Can See
Shygys – Vágyom Rád
SM-Trax - Show Me Something Special
Soho Party feat. Betty Love - Kéz A Kézben
Striking Man - Da Lower You Go
Superstring - Try It !
T.Shirt - You Sexy Thing
Tank - Return Of Power
Tarkan - Bu Gece
The Sema IV. Project - Dancing In The Sun
The Sign - I Like Chopin
The Tamperer feat. Maya - Feel It
Tony Davis feat. Tara - Misterio
Touché - Kids In America
U.B.F. feat.Nana & Papa Bear & Vottura - Bible In My Band
Ultra Naté - Free
Vengaboys - We Like To Party!
Vertigo - Twilight Zone
Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Okay
Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love
X-Ander - Pulstar
X-Perience - I Don't Care
X-Perience - Magic Fields
Young Men In Trouble - Love Is In The Air
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